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Our friendly and professional technicians literally deliver an entirely new customer service experience every time. Whether dealing with networking, cabling, security systems, data systems, voice and/or video systems, you can count on us to keep your platform up to date with the latest technologies and applications. Among others, our services include:

Data and Voice Cabling

Data and Voice Cabling

Intelligent voice and data cabling is a critical component of any modern and optimal communication network. From voice, to video, to LANs, and to IP, organized and well structured cabling is essential to keep your network up to date, provide the foundation for growth, and ensure efficiency. ZiberNet offers cabling installation as part of our specialized services and can provide assistance for low-voltage cabling, single to multiple locations connectivity, and other network installation services you may need. ZiberNet cabling solutions are designed to help you transform your network today and to position you to benefit from tomorrow’s technologies.

Our consistent, timely, and on budget delivery of Voice and Data Cabling Installation, and Communication Services includes:

·         Site surveys

·         Installation and line termination and testing

·         Integration of Data & Phone to Patch Panels in designated Data rooms

·         Data network and cabling

·         CAT 6E cable installation

·         CAT 5 cable installation

·         CAT 3 cable installation

·         Coax cable installations, termination, and testing

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Cable Management

Overall cost reduction is critical to your bottom line. Our Wire and Cable Management Services can save you time, money, and material while improving the safety and efficiency of the entire project. Learn how we can help with your network installation and/or upgrade.

Cable Management

Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance and Repair

ZiberNet Can Optimize & Manage Your Enterprise Network!

Every year your business experiences new levels of network efficiency strains due to the emergence of new digital devices and advancements in both networking and internet technologies. As both your business and industry evolves, the challenge of remaining up to date also increases.  

Simple situations such as slow internet speed, malware, or a virus contamination can cost your organization valuable productivity and money. ZiberNet counts with an assortment of computer and network analysis resources designed to help maximize the functionality and security of your network. ZiberNet’s offers several networking and repair services including:

·       Router setup, installation and configuration

·       Network troubleshooting

·       Wireless network configuration

·       Virtual private network repair and configuration

·       Connectivity troubleshooting

·       VoIP setup

·       Network printing

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VoIP Systems

VoIP telephony systems add great new economic features to your business and service platform. The good news is that there are many solution providers out there and selecting the right one for your business is just a matter of defining your needs and budget. Learn how we can help you get the most value from using VoIP phones, IP PBXs, and related systems.

VoIP Systems

Site Surveys

Site Surveys

As wireless LANs become more and more a critical part of any network infrastructure, effective implementation and deployment of WLAN solutions become more important than ever. As a result, a precise WLAN Site survey is the key for the effective planning, design, and deployment of any WLAN solution. An intelligent survey considers elements such as building design and layout as well as work areas and user(s) density as part of the WLAN design process.


ZiberNet’s WLAN Site Survey Services help our clients with the following;

  •          Evaluate/determine the correct or required quantity of wireless access points and their respective mounting locations.

  •          Evaluate both required coverage levels and expected performance levels.

  •          Determine where antennas and other WLAN infrastructure should be deployed.

  •          Ensure users can access the network in a fast and seamless manner.


For more information on WLANs, please contact us.

Decommissioning Services

Decommissioning Services

Equipment Decommissioning plus Digital Data Destruction Services


ZiberNet offers a complete suite of decommissioning and commissioning services. From small office projects to complex facility projects, ZiberNet can help with planning, organization, modelling for asset disposition, transition plans, harvesting of hardware and software assets, procurement of assets, migration of assets and data, and a completely secure chain of custody. Such services are generally tailored to specific client requirements.

ZiberNet can disconnect, de-install, and move assets / equipment to designated work area(s). In case of equipment decommissioning we can perform the following tasks;

•Removal of outdated equipment - servers, SANs, network gear, firewalls, routers

•Removal of ancillary equipment – docking stations, UPS, keyboards, mice

•De-installation of racks, rail kits, power cords, cabinets

•Removal of obsolete equipment and supplies such as transformers, circuit breakers, test equipment, reels of cable, spare telco parts, etc.

•Dismantling and/or de-installation of tape libraries, jukeboxes, robots, etc.

•Cable mining by identifying unused legacy cables and potential negative impact on production environment.


  • Cost reduction for IT decommissioning, removal, and/or deployment.

  • Save valuable time by working with a single trusted service provider

  • Minimize business disruption and ensure project success

  • Gain value added asset recovery options such asset reuse, asset refurbishment, parts recovery or asset recycling.


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